Visualize your projects using
the latest immersive technologies

What is Abstracto,
and how do I benefit
from it?

Abstracto is a visualizer solution that is extremely helpful
if your project is still in development phase.
Provide us any kind of architectural plan or blueprint
end we will build up the entire 3D model of it that
you can share, demonstrate or sell to your potential
customer or investors.

Virtual development –
before the Physical
one starts

Abstracto differs from any previous approach to present your idea – it is as real
as it can get. Using 3D modelling the project will appear diretly in front of your
customers' eyes. You want just a simple building or a complex walk-through model
with animation – it is entirely up to you. Even if the project is constantly evolving,
we can alter the virtual model accordingly.

Choose the
best device

It is your choice on what platform do you
want to demonstrate your dreams.
From mobile devices to sophisticated
VR headsets - we can deliver.


Ideal for exhibitions or in sales offices to catch visitors' attention.
It can work automatically or with the help of a trained staff.
Watch it in action

VR Glass

The best way to put your customers into reality.
They can walk in, discover, and almost touch
every part of the new building. A real immersive experience
to feel the dimensions of the project.
Watch it in action


Mobile solutions are easy to carry around to meetings at potential clients' offices. A perfect sales tool, without the need of printed plans. It can incorporate marker based Augmented Reality view to impress buyers.
Watch it in action


We offer various packages based on our previous experience, but you can always mix your preferred features. Here are the main ones:
Virtual scale model
No need for the time consuming and costly process of building physical mock up models. The virtual scale model is easy to understand, can be instantly modified and animated to bring it alive.
Panoramic experience
Easiest way to demonstrate the actual location of the project. It can be a series of panoramic pictures or videos of the surrounding environment, 360 panoramic renders from the 3D model itself - or even a mixture of these.
Virtual walk or fly-through
Customers can walk or fly through the buildings. They can explore the full site from any given angle and feel the dimensions of it.

Where can i use it?

Potential, interested customers will get a lot better understanding of the planned property's interior and exterior with Abstracto solutions - and feel a lot more comfortable to make the final decision.
Exhibitions, Mall Booth
Stand out from the crowd when you're participating on expos or building a stand in a Mall. VR Glasses and a Touchscreen will motivate people to check your projects and they will get a lot more impressive experience than with any other tools.
Personal Sale
Presenting the property at potential customers' premises should be more than brochures and lap top screens. Interactive 3D models and Augmented Reality makes it possible to bring a full virtual mock up model to your clients' table.


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Sab Budaházy
Balazs Goltl
Project Manager